About us

At Green Hat, we believe that every technological advancement offers a unique opportunity.

Harnessing a broad spectrum of tech domains, we deliver a blend of global tech insights with a personalized consulting touch, ensuring your business stays ahead in an evolving digital landscape.

Why Green Hat?

Versatile Expertise

From harnessing the power of AI to strategizing digital commerce, our services span the breadth of modern tech innovations.

Customized Solutions

We recognize the uniqueness of every business. Our strategies are tailor-made, ensuring they resonate with your brand ethos and objectives.

Global Insight, Local Execution

Our experience with diverse global clientele means we’re equipped to bring you world-class strategies with a localized touch.

Our work process

01. Client Engagement

  • Initial Inquiry: Gauge the client’s familiarity with ML/AI and understand their expectations.

02. Proposal Development

  • Scope Definition: Specify services, such as data engineering, model development, model deployment, or AI integration.
  • Proposal Presentation: Educate the client on proposed solutions, emphasizing the potential value addition.

03. Onboarding

  • Contract Agreement: Highlight data handling procedures to ensure data privacy and compliance.

04. Data Collection & Analysis

  • Data Auditing: Assess the quality, quantity, and relevance of available data.
  • Preliminary Analysis: Use descriptive analytics to provide insights and determine data suitability for ML.

Have a project in mind? Let’s get to work.